About me

img_20170303_113323.jpgBrief Resume:

Now hired as first Assistant at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in the Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTE). Happenstance ! I come from a very close small region in eastern France we call Franche Comté”.

Grenoble a moment in the Alps hearth:

During my  education I moved to Grenoble. After a Master devoted to the study of western-alps serpentinite, thanks to the trust of German Montes-Hernandez and Emilie Janots, I completed a thesis in Minéralogie et Environement team at ISTerre laboratory. Here I was interested in serpentinization kinetic and fluid-mineral trace element fractionation with an experimental approach. After 1 year as teacher and researcher assistant (1/2) at Grenoble University I moved to Lausanne, another side and another point of view on the Alps.  



PhD defended the 3rd October 2013
TOPIC OF THE PHD : Partitioning of trace elements during experimental serpentinization under high alkaline conditions. Link (Thèse en ligne)


There is Research interest but also :

outdoor activities (cycling, mountain(ski)eering, skiing, mountain hiking…), bird watching, fauna and botany photography, fishing …. learning


Between Chartreuse and Vercors  Valais and Oberland between Drome and Oisans, now back near to Jura here and elsewhere,


and overall family,  friends and enjoy life.


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