Field Experience

Panorama Viso Pain de Sucre 2

Geodynamic and Metamorphism of South Africa (Namibia) 9 days (2018)

OmanDP project. Scientist at drilling site BT1B, Transition from mantle rocks of the Samail ophiolite to metamorphic sole (area of Fanja/Lizugh, Sultanat of Oman) 1 month (2017)

Geodynamic, sedimentology, magmatism, metamorphism and deformation in Oman: an obduction orogen, 9 days (2016)

Contact metamorphism petrology/sampling (Malenco) 15 days (2014-15-16)

Magmatism, deformation and metamorphism in paleozoic formations (Connemara, Ireland) -7 days (2015)

Ophiolitic units (Queyras and Chenaillet, Western Alps) ~10 days (2008-2015)

Monte-Rosa granitic unit, 2 days (2014)

**Mapping/Structural Geology/Metamorphism:  (Adamelo unit Italy) 7 days (2015-2017) visit of Alpe Arami garnet peridotite and Monte mucrone eclogite

**Mapping/Structural Geology/Metamorphism (Lucomagno unit, Ti, Switzerland) 7 days (2016-2018)

**Mapping/Sedimentology/ Structural Geology (Dignes les Bains) 7 days (20011-2012-2013-2014)

*Petrology/metamorphism/structural geology Western Alps (Queyras/Monviso/Lanzo) 8 days (2009)

*Risks in Mountain environment, facilities (Western Alps, France) 6 days (2008)

*Sedimentology/ Structural Geology (Bassin de Saint Chinian) 10 days (2007)

*Mapping/Metamorphic petrology/ metamorphism (Montagne Noire) 10 days (2007)

*Magmatic Petrology (Vosges) 6 days (2007)

*Petrology/metamorphism/structural geology (Agly massif) 8+10 days (2007-2008)

Contribution to Ussel map mapping1/50000 (BRGM) ~2 month (2007)

*Mapping/Sedimentology/ Structural Geology (Jura) 1 month (2005-2006)

*Mapping/Sedimentology/ Structural Geology (Corbières) 8 days (2006)


* Part of my education

** Training for Students


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