New paper: Some disequilibrium during serpentinization breakdown!

A new article has just been published in Terra Nova journal. Surprisingly, we have demonstrated that the dehydration of serpentinites within the Bergell contact aureole is marked by a strong textural and isotopic (oxygen) disequilibrium. This suggested that rampant disequilibrium is present throughout the contact aureole which make difficult to interpret geochemical change related to metamorphic reactions.




Oman drilling project

After a month in Oman, here is a little patchwork of this beautiful experience!
The BT1B drilling site (Listvenite-serpentinite-basal thrust) and a panoramic view of the access road, a visitor group from the Higher College of Technology Muscat, recovering, scanning and packing amazing cores, sharing time with omani peoples…



With the “Dreamlling” team


With trainees from the ministry of water ressource. Hamood and Shihab.

A clay fault zone and the metamorphic sole

A rainbow core and a fuchsite rich listvenite

Pictures are properties of Dave Zeko, Jude Coggon, Juan De Obeso and Myself.